Spanish Chorizo

Eggs and Chorizo Recipes

Spanish chorizo has an amazing effect on eggs, transforming them into a gourmet delight, brightening their colour to rich saffron and making them equally pleasing to the eye and palate. The spiciness of the pimenton, Spanish paprika, adds extra flavour and the eggs become creamy and hearty, perfect for a quick supper or a satisfying breakfast. Here are a couple of traditional Spanish ways of combining chorizo with eggs:

Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo

4 eggs • 100g chorizo sliced • A drizzle of olive oil • Salt and pepper

In a medium non-stick pan heat the chorizo until the fat starts to sizzle, add a drizzle of olive oil, then break the eggs into the pan, cook stirring quickly until all the egg is just set.

Serve immediately with some crusty bread.

Fried Eggs with Chorizo and Potatoes

4 medium potatoes • 1 small onion • 100ml extra virgin olive oil • 4 - 6 eggs (depending on appetite) • Salt and pepper • 125g Spanish chorizo, thinly sliced

Peel and thinly slice the potatoes. Slice the onion thinly too.

Heat the oil in a wide pan. Fry the potatoes with the onions until the potatoes are tender and the onions soft. Remove to a warm serving plate. Fry the eggs one or two at a time in the remaining oil, adding more oil if necessary.

Spoon the oil over the egg as it cooks and remove them to the serving plate as soon as the white is set and the edges are crispy. Season with salt and pepper. When you have cooked all the eggs, fry the sliced chorizo briefly and scatter over the serving plate. Serve immediately.

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Spanish Chorizo


Known for its rich red colour, equally delicious eaten in slices as tapas or used in cooking. Smoky, earthy, sweet with a gentle tang, Spanish chorizo has been a staple of Spanish cuisine for centuries.

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